Part Collection Testimonials

Bob Simas, Purchasing Team Leader
BTU International

BTU has purchased HERSEY CLUTCH products since 1990. Hersey Clutch has surpassed all of BTU quality and on-time delivery requirements. They have proven them self to be a valuable supplier who is willing to go the extra mile in satisfying our aggressive delivery requirements while maintaining unit prices at a consistent level.

Russ Silva, Purchasing Manager
Minarik Automation & Control – A Subsidiary of Kaman

For the past 25 years I have worked in various positions in the power transmission, automation, and motion control industry. I’ve dealt with literally hundreds of manufacturers and suppliers, from mom and pop shops to multi-national behemoths. I can count on one hand the number of vendors I can rely on all the time, every time. Hersey Clutch is one of those suppliers. Whether my need was a one off prototype or high run production quantities where standard off the shelf solutions did not fit the bill, Hersey Clutch met the need, often times supplying 100% of the engineering behind the solution. Product quality is top notch as well. In this day and age of outsourcing and running lean and mean, customer service has suffered industry wide, but not at Hersey Clutch. Exceptional service and a desire to exceed customer expectations seems to be the mission statement at Hersey Clutch. If all of my vendors were like Hersey Clutch, my job would be a whole lot easier, with a lot less stress.

Mr. Aaron Nicholson, Sr. VP Sales
Bison Gear & Engineering

Why Hersey Clutch? Fact! Most quality gearmotors can tolerate 2 to 3 times intermittent torque loads. If your application can’t, you’d better put a protection device on the end of the shaft. My first choice has always been Protek-Sure torque limiting clutches from Hersey Clutch.

Hersey has had a long history of outstanding performance coupled to the output of our gearmotors protecting the entire power transmission, machinery, product, and people. From custom modifications to excellent quality, service, and delivery — Hersey Clutch has always met the challenge.

You need to join the motor to the drive anyway and we always say ‘why not gain complete protection at the same time with a Hersey Torque Limiter’.

Jay Tretter, Account Manager
Applied Industrial Technologies

I started working with Hersey clutch over three years ago. Since then, I have come to rely on them for their innovative and custom solutions for my customer’s application. The quality is second to none and working with Dick has been a real pleasure. Whether it was a delivery that had to be moved up or back or a quantity that had to be changed, Dick was always willing to work with us to meet the customers’ needs. I look forward to many years of a successful and profitable business working with Hersey Clutch.

ElizabethStark, Mechanical Engineering Supervisor
Russelectric, Hingham, MA

For the past 10 years I have had the pleasure to work with Dick Hersey from Hersey Clutch Company and incorporate one of their clutches into the design of our product. Dick’s expertise is exceptional and his willingness to help goes well beyond the average day to day business dealings. In the initial stages of our new product design, Dick designed a unique clutch to work with our very specialized product. The clutch did exactly what we needed it to do. Dick listened to our concerns, understood our needs, and helped us through every step of the development.

Today we use a Hersey Clutch as a standard part in many of our transfer switches. Hersey Clutch Company is a pleasure to work with and I would certainly recommend the company, and their quality products, to any engineer or company.