Spring & Detent Clutch Collection
Richard A. Hersey, founder of Hersey Clutch Company, after many years in the power transmission field, believed there was a better and more cost effective way to provide precision torque limiting protection for applications throughout industry.

In 1963, he developed and patented our Model DC flexible, direct coupling torque limiter and began producing the product in Minneapolis, MN. From the very first installations, it was clear that the protection and reliability were benefiting our customers and providing increased productivity and up time as well as operator safety.

In 1978, the operation was moved from Minneapolis to our current facility in Orleans, MA. In an effort to maintain the highest quality and provide the most economical solutions for our customers, we have continually invested in our process and operation by purchasing the latest in CNC equipment and CAD/CAM software. We have a fully controlled process from raw material to end product using full automated processes whether in the press room, bar feed CNC turning, or 4-axis, palletized CNC vertical machining, to CNC power coating and state of the art assembly and data matrix marking.

By controlling the process at every step, we not only ensure the highest quality product is being produced but also delivered in the shortest possible lead time.

Through these years, several patents and product line additions have been developed to provide a complete offering of shaft couplings, torque limiting clutches, centrifugal clutches, as well as electronic process control and feedback for predictive analytics.

Our goal is complete customer satisfaction through the performance and cost of our product. To that end, we take our patented concepts through 3D modeling in SolidWorks and create tool paths in SolidCam providing customized solutions to the specific needs of each application efficiently and cost effectively to ensure that the overall power transmission works exactly as the customer has planned.

Today, in our fiftieth year, we continue to innovate with our products, tools, and solutions to help our customers maintain their competitive and cost effective edge in their marketplace.